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25i – Locksmith

Lessons Include: Wireless Access Control, Securing School Doors, Glass Door Hardware, Mag Locks and Electric Strikes.

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30i – Electronic Security Core Subjects

Lessons Include: Network (IP) Camera Systems, Biometric Access Control, Wireless Data Transfer and Delayed Egress Systems.

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New On-Line DCJS Registration Renewal Courses

We Are A Tech School.

Our courses are designed to train technicians in subjects that interest them. We will soon submit 6 Courses to DCJS for approval.

New 25i Courses – 1 – The Basics of Master Keying, 2 – Large and Small Format IC Core and 3 – Ohm/Volt Meter Basics

New 30i Courses – 1 – Low Voltage Wiring, 2 – Network Camera Addressing and 3 – Electronic Access Control

What Our Students Have to Say

It was a great class. Hands on environment that was not intimidating and Tim worked directly with each student, whether they had experience or was new to locksmithing. My wife will be attending the next class since she plans to help out in the locksmithing business. I highly recommend the class to anyone who wants to learn the locksmith and electronic security business. He is my go-to mentor!
Alex K.
I attended for my 25E class. I only signed up here because he was the ONLY one to respond to my email. His class was 100% worth the hour drive. It was very hands on, and he always stopped to answer questions. His experience and skill shows through in every aspect of his teaching style. If you are looking for a class, Tim is the teacher you want.
Virgil D.
A great DCJS course! A lot of hands-on experience and training, with a comprehensive workbook. I can't think of a reason to go back to another training school again.
David N.
Tim, put on a awesome class. Nice facility for a Hands on experience. I’ve been in the Locksmith business for many years and have taken many classes and I recommend his School.
Scott C.

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